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June 14, 2019
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May 2, 2017

Manuel P. Antón, III MD

Dr. Manuel P. Anton, III is Chief Medical Officer for Kendall Regional Medical Center, having recently served as Chief Medical Officer for the East Florida Division of HCA for seven years. Prior to joining the HCA Division Leadership Team, he worked at Mercy Hospital in Miami, most recently as the Chief Executive Officer. He served on the Florida International University Medical School Advisory Committee during the preparation of the medical school’s application process.

Dr. Anton began working with the St. John Bosco Clinic in 2001, moved by the spiritual guidance of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Through their compassion, they have created a refuge for those who cannot find their way or have lost the ability to navigate independently, and Dr. Anton has been personally and professionally inspired by their mission "so that all may be one."

Prior to his tenure with Mercy Hospital, Dr. Anton served ten years at the Orlando Regional Healthcare System (Orlando Health). Upon departure from Orlando Health, he was serving as Vice President and Medical Director of the managed care subsidiary, Healthchoice.

Dr. Anton earned his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine degrees from Emory University. He is board certified in internal medicine.

He has served on several nonprofit boards, including Catholic Hospice and the Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria, and has volunteered on the Belen Jesuit High school Parent Advisory Council, as well as with the Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards. He has served on the Mercy Foundation Board, the Mercy Mission Services Board and the SSJ Health Foundation Board with a special interest in healthcare quality improvement. He believes in the compassionate delivery of healthcare and is committed to ensuring that the St. John Bosco Clinic continues to be a beacon of hope for those making the transition from necessity to self-sufficiency.

Dr. Anton is married with four children.