Thank you, Dr. Centurion!
February 17, 2021

Thank You for Your Commitment

As we start the new year with a fresh perspective and renewed hope, I would like to share a few words on what the last year has taught us. I want to start by expressing my immense gratitude for the many ways in which your generosity has supported the work we do at the St. John Bosco Clinic.

We learned so much from the challenges presented to us in 2020. We learned about resilience and hope. We learned about the value you place on access to healthcare for those most impacted by this pandemic.

From direct donations from individuals, corporations and anonymous benefactors to purchases through Amazon Smile, it is inspiring to experience so much grace at every turn – particularly during the most uncertain moments.

We saw a 59% increase in new patients the last quarter when compared to the same period prior year. This taught us that individuals are now beginning to reflect on the state of their healthcare and chronic conditions and take action which many had delayed for months. Understanding this phenomenon allows us to approach 2021 better prepared, as we continue to battle with COVID-19, and look ahead to a post-COVID world.

This last year also reinforced what we already knew, that our mission touches the hearts of many generous people who are committed to the lifesaving work of the St. John Bosco Clinic. Please keep us in your hearts and kindly consider signing up for recurring donations of $41 monthly, which takes care of one patient for an entire year. You may also choose to support us through Amazon Smile purchases or by visiting our Amazon charity list.

As always, I am overwhelmed by the open, generous hearts of the people of Miami. Your participation has impacted so many. More than you may know.

Thank you,
Berta Cabrera
Executive Director, SSJ Health Foundation

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